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Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Black Ark in Dub LP

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Black Ark in Dub LP

Culture Factory (France)

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Lee "Scratch" Perry - Innovator of DUB reggae music. Vinyl has been out of print and completely unavailable until now.


A fine collection of early Perry dub packaged in what seems to be a semi-legit, bootleg way. This label seems to be tied in with the French label Lagoon, which has released the Perry-produced Bob Marley session (two CDs, both of them essential). This is a good selection; Perry remixes are typically audacious and crazy, but there's little enclosed information telling you when the tracks were cut. Lack of information is an ongoing problem with Perry releases, since his entire output defies any kind of authoritative historical treatment. Still, this is worthy of your time, even if it doesn't provide the big buzz of some of Perry's other, more far-out experiments. -All Music Guide

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