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Kiki Pau - Hiisi LP

Kiki Pau - Hiisi LP

Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

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Since creating their 2013 masterpiece, "Pines," Kiki Pau has been in semi-hiatus mode for the past five years; but they did spend the last two summers laying down the magic that is their latest offering, Hiisi. Hiisi is an old Finnish word originally denoting a sacred grove, place of worship, cemetery and, later on, various types of mythological localities. Later Christianity-influenced folklore depicted hiisi as evil gnomes, spirits, or other demonic trickster-like entities. The band says: "The album is like a spontaneous mystical experience whilst getting lost on a camping trip in the woods, shedding light into the dusty dark corners of our (s)elves and finding a way back, perhaps a bit sore but more complete. Hiisi is built from four long and winding compositions, which take their cues from folk, jazz, progressive rock, Krautrock and free improv...with jazzy melodies, spastic fuzzy jamming and bucolic birdsong. Bask awhile.

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