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Kiefer - kickinit alone LP

Kiefer - kickinit alone LP

Leaving Records

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Californian keyboardist & beatmaker Kiefer (birthname Kiefer Shackelford) drops his debut LP on Leaving Records, which has enough jazz piano chops to transform L.A.'s Low End Theory into a smokey speak easy. The title track from Kiefer's debut album, Kickinit Alone, is a striking entry to this lineage of hip-hop inextricably tethered to jazz. Kickinit Alone moves with a patient step, it's short piano phrase looping like it was ripped from a dusty vinyl and brought to life. The warm hiss of tape noise and subtle effects give the track a smokey vibe. But then the piano suddenly flips to a Rhodes-y sound, and the melody moves from it's blues center towards more muted hues. Even in brief divergences, Kiefer is a subtle showman, bringing depth to quiet flourishes. - Pitchfork

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