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Kaina - Next to the Sun LP

Kaina - Next to the Sun LP

Sooper Records

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In Chicago, cutting edge hip-hop and R&B artists are forging influential new sounds and catapulting one after the other into the national spotlight. City native KAINA has been at the periphery of many of these successes and is one of the most prominent Latinx voices in this developing story. In the last two years she has regularly collaborated with some of the biggest names in Chicago hip-hop, graced the stages of major festivals, and amassed several million online streams over a couple of EPs. With the release of her debut full length Next to The Sun (Sooper Records, 2019), KAINA is poised to break out and join her contemporaries in the ongoing saga of this Chicago story. Next to The Sun is written by KAINA and co-produced with Sen Morimoto.

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