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John Zorn - New Masada Quartet, Vol. 1 LP

John Zorn - New Masada Quartet, Vol. 1 LP


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All funds from the sale of this LP will go to benefit the Tzadik label.

SCP, the online distributor for our direct-to-consumer mail order projects has shut down owing Tzadik $70,000. To help rebalance this loss we are releasing this special vinyl version of six selections from New Masada Quartet Volume One.

New Masada Quartet is one of the best groups Zorn has ever had. Bristling hot guitar master Julian Lage, bass wizard Jorge Roeder and 30-year Zorn veteran Kenny Wollesen perform with a crackling live energy that brings the Masada music to life like never before! Led by Zorn’s versatile sax and stop-and-start conducting, the music is filled with burning solos, telepathic group interaction, heartfelt lyricism and hypnotic grooves. Please purchase this limited edition LP and help Tzadik continue its mission to support and document new music in the 21st century.

Special Thanks to Sarah Robertson, Marisa Rolish, Scott Hull, Heung-Heung Chin, Bruce Gallanter, Stephen Svacina, Glenn Dicker, and Redeye for donating their time and services to help Tzadik with this special benefit vinyl release.

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