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Jeffrey Alexander & The Heavy Lidders - New Earth Seed LP

Jeffrey Alexander & The Heavy Lidders - New Earth Seed LP

Arrowhawk Records

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Produced by and featuring: Chris Forsyth 

Joined by:

Geologist (Animal Collective)
Kate Wright (Movietone)
Ryan Jewell (Ryley Walker Band, Mosses, Rose City Band)

Jeff Tobias (Sunwatchers, Modern Nature)

Brent Cordero (Psychic Ills) 

Jeffrey Alexander and his associated groups reach back to that magical Terrastock era of the '90s: booking fests and shows, sharing stages, studios and vans with the (should be) most venerated and celebrated of those more pure years: Tom Rapp, Ghost (Japan), Marissa Nadler, Bridget St. John, Flying Saucer Attack, and too many more to mention. Alexander has been a member of Jackie-O Motherfucker, The Iditarod, and Black Forest/Black Sea, among others.

His recent, mainly SF-based group Dire Wolves' sail caught wind and drew his ship back into the higher waters, to the delight of heads, initiated and otherwise. 2020 scattered the DWLVS to varied lands, and Alexander's move east to Philadelphia brings us to the Heavy Lidders Times.

This multi-headed combo features stalwarts such as Scott Verrastro (Kohoutek, Bardo Pond, Bitter Wish) on drums and the unbrothers Elkhorn: Jesse Sheppard on low-end groove, and Drew Gardner, cast as Alexander's electric guitar foil.

“Alexander favours strung-out guitar jams that evoke Crazy Horse or Dinosaur Jr at their most languid and frazzled” - MOJO

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