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Jeff Rosenstock - Worry. LP

Jeff Rosenstock - Worry. LP

SideOneDummy Records

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Former Bomb the Music Industry! frontman and one-time ska merchant Jeff Rosenstock follows up the scatterbrained lo-fi pop of 2015's We Cool? with the similarly wily and definitively punctuated Worry. As on his previous LP, Rosenstock hoists a heaping barrel's worth of sounds and ideas onto this 17-track platter and lets them mingle in his own distinctively nervy way. At times wistful and contemplative, frequently explosive, and pleasantly damaged, Worry. holds true to its creator's D.I.Y. aesthetic and pop-punk/ska roots while continuing to emphasize his new power pop direction. As another reviewer noted, Rosenstock is "a lot" to deal with, and absorbing his rapid-fire, hoarsely confessional style and kitchen sink production can be a challenge for listeners wanting something a bit more streamlined. That said, he's got a big heart, which is ground zero for his big ideas, and between standouts like "Staring Out the Window at Your Old Apartment" and the album's B-side of interlocking Abbey Road-style mini-songs, there is "a lot" to enjoy here. -All Music Guide

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