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Jawbox - For Your Own Special Sweetheart LP

Jawbox - For Your Own Special Sweetheart LP

DeSoto Records

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JAWBOX was born circa 1989, clawing their way from the primordial pond of DC's raucous, vibrant, Dischord-driven underground to claim a seat of honor at the table of what eventually came to be called “postharDCore.” The racket raised by the four members—J. ROBBINS, KIM COLETTA, W.C. 3DB BARBOT, and ZACH BAROCAS—was suitably loud, occasionally fast, and spirited enough live to move the punkers around the dance floor in something considerably less than a decorous fashion. But by the time the mature band came to record their third full-length, their first for a major label after amicably leaving Dischord, they had distanced themselves somewhat from their purely post-punk roots and were more intent on breeding strident wolves clad in a pop song's clothing. For Your Own Special Sweetheart, whose title was cribbed from the box blurb for a Barbie doll, was released by Atlantic Records right around Valentine's Day 1994, to cries of both “genius” and “sellout” to their respectively thrilled and bemused fans. As they toured, praise accumulated. Critics and fans alike still view Sweetheart as the band at its peak, with its heavy rhythms, guitar-driven noise, and hooky melodies proving the signature to Jawbox's sound. The resulting release on CD includes the entire original collection, plus three additional tracks that originally appeared on the Savory + 3 EP released by Atlantic in 1994. The vinyl version includes a coupon to enable free digital download of all songs, including the bonus tracks. Received a 9.3 Best New Reissue tag from Pitchfork.

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