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Jackson Politick - Paste V. 1 LP

Jackson Politick - Paste V. 1 LP

Neck Chop Records

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When it comes to rock music worthy of the titular “outsider” label, being embellished in enough surprisingly-sensical idiosyncrasies to separate the sound from a more straightforward style, history has shown time and time again that you can’t go wrong with someone like ANDY JORDON. Serving as a frontman to the ever-swoonworthy ANDY HUMAN AND THE REPTOIDS, as well as the semi-lucid guitarist to Oakland’s THE WORLD, there exists an Andy-bred solo project that toys with conventions similar to those explored in both these projects, that being JACKSON POLITICK. Save for the single name attached, the band is about as cryptic as any other self-released punk record. It’s driftless, sporadic, and oftentimes frenzied, coursing through an array of subgenres during its 27-minute runtime. Contained within this eclectic collection of punk-tinged chunes are lulling, generally low-energy jams spotted with light, fuzzy, sparkly melodies and charming instrumental arrangements, a lo-fi auditory soundscape sheathed in summery vibes, all ruptured by an occasional stint of fiery guitar licks and pulsing drumbeats more oriented towards punk territory.

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