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Into It. Over It. - Interesting Decisions LP

Into It. Over It. - Interesting Decisions LP

Storm Chasers LTD / Many Hats Endeavor

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Clear Vinyl. Chicago by way of New Jersey's emotionally charged indie rock band Into It. Over It. Emerged on the scene in 2007. The brainchild of an already prolific songwriter Evan Thomas Weiss, the project's introspective lyrics and dynamic sound have garnered a dedicated following and critical acclaim. As of 2020, Weiss is joined by emmy-nominated film composer Joe George on guitar, Adam Beck (Sincere Engineer) on drums, and Matthew Frank (Lifted Bells, Their / They're / There) on bass.

Into It. Over It. #was meant to be a one-off project writing and releasing one song per week for a year (52 Weeks), which quickly turned into a flourishing career aimed to create art and build community. The name "Into It. Over It." itself embodies the band's essence, reflecting the dichotomy between passion and contemplation that is at the core of their music. With Weiss's innate ability to blend energetic instrumentation, introspective melodies, and intricately woven lyrics, the Chicago music scene quickly took notice and labels nationwide had begun taking notice. Into It. Over It.'s debut album Proper (No Sleep Records, 2011) marked a significant step forward for the band. The album's emotional honesty and Weiss's skillful songwriting established the band as a force to be reckoned with. Into It. Over It.'s music has had a lasting impact on fans and fellow musicians alike. Their cathartic performances and emotionally resonant lyrics have created a connection with listeners who find solace and understanding in their music. The band's influence can be heard year after year in the work of many contemporary indie and emo acts, showcasing IIOI's enduring legacy.

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