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Ibrahim Hesnawi - The Father of Libyan Reggae LP

Ibrahim Hesnawi - The Father of Libyan Reggae LP

Habibi Funk (Germany)

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"Habibi Funk is digging deep to present the songs of Ibrahim Hesnawi, otherwise known as 'The Father of Libyan Reggae.' Kingston meets Tripoli in this incendiary collection of Arabized roots, dub, dancehall and more. Featured on Habibi Funk's last compilation with his track 'Tendme,' Hesnawi crafts restless funk with evident buttressing from a reggae foundation. Highlighted across the LP is how Hesnawi essentially pioneered such an effortless synthesis between traditional Libyan music and Jamaican reggae stylings, plus the endlessly disparate funk, jazz, and disco accents which firmly situate Hesnawi in a league of his own."

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