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Human Eye - 4: Into Unknown LP

Human Eye - 4: Into Unknown LP

Goner Records

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People of Earth, take heed: The year is 2013 AD, and Timmy Vulgar has graced our squabbling kind by returning to terra-dwelling humanoids the intergalactic, transcendental cyber-organism that is the twitching Human Eye for a fourth revelation. Prepare, peopleoids, as the Human Eye casts its gaze Into Unknown.

Over the course of 4: Into Unknown, the listener rides along rising and falling cascades of fuzz. Mindless twist-and-jive anthems entice, but ultimately abandon false friends in psychedelic realms while remote melodies tickle and torment the cerebellum. In many ways, 4 presents longtime fans with a reverent re-education in Human Eye’s style, as it pulls influences from way back—the epochal decades of the 1960s and ’70s, when groovin’ was the law and the mind a nebulous thing. Full of Sabbath-esque sludge-bass, trash-incinerating guitars and blown-out organs, these songs convince any would-be afficionado that the throbbing heart of rock ’n’ roll, Detroit City, while currently on life support, can still produce.

Mystics, ancient astronauts, and other Human Eye zealots can look forward to witnessing the four-piece live, as appearances are predicted in hometowns across the United States in the latter half of 2013. So, set your radios to interstellar frequency, pick up the album and do not miss an opportunity to experience Human Eye electro-shock firsthand—as long as you prepare to be sent reeling beyond our universe, beyond what we can only claim to know.

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