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Helado Negro & the Smile Band - Live at KCRW LP

Helado Negro & the Smile Band - Live at KCRW LP


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Vinyl LP pressing. As Helado Negro and the Smile Band, Roberto Carlos Lange and his faithful music-making companions recreate the sounds of This Is How You Smile for Live at KCRW, a recording of the ensemble's inspired performance on Jason Bentley's Morning Becomes Eclectic. In this living offering, six songs from Helado Negro's most recent and widely embraced album are encouraged to a global sound stage from the intimacy of Lange's studio embrace, swaddled in the comfortable delight of accomplished musicianship and amiable collaboration. Live At KCRW serenades like a surreal sonnet in a morning dream, or an impromptu family singalong on a sunset road trip.

Tags: indie, pop, rock, rvng intl

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