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Guitar Wolf - Black Leather Bomb Live at WWWX LP

Guitar Wolf - Black Leather Bomb Live at WWWX LP

Musicmine (Japan)

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This live album is a recording of the last live performance by Drumwolf (Toru)'s with the band. The concert was held at WWWX in Shibuya on March 11th, 2023 and includes 13 of the songs that they played at this gig. It is the last memorial live performance for Toru, the bedrock of Guitar Wolf for many years and will be permanently etched on vinyl. This is a must record that fans need to get hold of, as it is the live recording of the band's latest performance featuring many of their classic songs. Guitar Wolf have been expanding their horizons of their activities in recent years, including an appearance at the Shimane Jet festival, and they hope you can appreciate the pure joy of their universal rock and roll vibes on vinyl that might be too hot for the whole world to handle! And as a bonus item, you can stream the full live performance of this monumental concert of Guitar Wolf in its entirety as well! It was directed by Tetsuro Takeuchi, who had previously worked on Guitar Wolf's music videos for many years. This video of their live performance was edited full of tension and speed and it truly displays how much Guitar Wolf deserves the title of Japan's number one rock and roll band.

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