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Golden Apples - Bananasugarfire LP

Golden Apples - Bananasugarfire LP

Lame-O Records

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"In the corner of your vision, there's a daydream on a mis- sion" says Russell Edling in the beginning of "Park (Rye)". Humming vibrations crescendo around the words floating in the air and a listener may visualize a flower growing in fast motion, or a dog running backwards, lava flowing, children jumping rope in the evening sun. Suddenly these visions plumet and new frenetic images appear as drums, percus- sion, and full accompaniment burst into space. The band has arrived, a theme recurrent in Golden Apples' new record, Bananasugarfire. A listener might hear echoes of the Velvet Underground, Ste- reolab, Stone Roses, Yo La Tengo, but there is more going on than just a studied homage to indie rock's progenitors. The themes of doubt and bewilderment found on previous albums are still present, but they are thrown into a kalaedo- scope with beams of positivity, hope, and optimism.

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