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Glittering Insects - Glittering Insects LP

Glittering Insects - Glittering Insects LP

Mind Meld

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***"Following up Timmy Vulgar and Quintron with a Mind Meld threefer. The collective brains of GREG KING, RYAN BELL, and JOSH FEIGERT gives us GLITTERING INSECTS. An Atlanta "Ego Summit" written and recorded over the course of four weekend sessions. These three turned in the quickly thrown together EVOKER Tape as a companion piece for GG KING- Remain Intact LP back in 2020. I was so moved by it I asked if they would be interested in putting together a Mind Meld LP." "Glittering Insects and their self-titleddebut album takes the concept a bit further, exploring a trio of minds, bringing together Atlanta’s Greg King (GG King, Carbonas), Ryan Bell (GG King, Predator), and Josh Feigert (Wymyns Prysyn, GG King) for a collaborative effort. While all three members play together in GG King, Glittering Insects is assuredly something different, and it’s pretty astonishing. Written and recorded over a series of weekends spent in the studio, the album is made off-the-cuff, but you’d never believe it upon hearing it. The record trades in garage punk and beer soaked power-pop for something far more dense, sinister, and vastly expansive. Glittering Insects are entrenched in the weeds, tangling themselves ever deeper through an array of post-hardcore menace and death rock with touches of krautrock, black metal, and shoegaze adding impossible amounts of texture. The thing is though, it doesn’t really sound like any of those genres as the trio really only pull bits and pieces together to make something amorphous."—Post Trash

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