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Garcia Peoples - Natural Facts LP

Garcia Peoples - Natural Facts LP

Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

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The second album in less than a year from those lovable New Jersey moptops with the sweet twin guitars, "Natural Facts" provides a portal to the carefree place that both indie rock and jam bands forgot. Bolstering the summer glow of 2018’s "Cosmic Cash" with flashes of fuzz, teeth and power, "Natural Facts" is the more driving counterpart to its rural predecessor. Danny Arakaki & Tom Malach’s guitars remain at centerstage on machine gun shreds like the album-opening “Feel So Great” & the rolling grooves like “High Noon Violence” (which would fit right in with one of David Crosby’s early ‘70s supergroups). Tracked in Philly with Jeff Zeigler, "Natural Facts" is a newly emerging conversation, songs & structures drawing from the most right-on musicians to cross Garcia Peeps’ collective transom. Classic rock guitarists of yore might be obvious touchstones but bend your ear and newer colors emerge, generated from hours & years of talk & music. Nothing inorganic here, just pure Natural Facts.

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