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Fuzzy Duck - Fuzzy Duck LP

Fuzzy Duck - Fuzzy Duck LP

Be With Records (UK)

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Be With Records present a reissue of Fuzzy Duck's self-titled album, originally released in 1971. A memorable name with an outstanding cover, Fuzzy Duck is a classic slice of underground London art rock and melodic psychedelia. Originally released on MAM in 1971, it's truly a musical force of infectious riffs and fiery solos, sharp tempo changes, a tight rhythm section, and heavy, Hammond-drenched grooves. With echoes of Spencer Davis Group, early Grand Funk, and Vanilla Fudge, it comes on like a heavier Soft Machine or Caravan. No wonder Fuzzy Duck's cult appeal has endured. The album features Mick Hawksworth (Five Day Week Straw People, Andromeda) on bass, acoustic 12-string, electric cello, and some of the vocal duties, and also Roy "Daze" Sharland (Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Spice) on organ and electric piano. Accompanying those two were Paul Francis on drums and percussion, and Grahame White on guitars and the rest of the vocals. Originally released in an edition of 500, Fuzzy Duck became legendary all over the world through a holy trinity of scarcity, personnel, and its sheer brilliance. The album kicks off with a heavy, bass-fueled, Hammond rocker titled "Time Will Be Your Doctor". This is pure hard-edged blues rock, brilliantly played. Its drum break intro was sampled by DJ Premier for Gang Starr's "Mostly Tha Voice" on 1994's legendary Hard To Earn. At nearly seven minutes long, "Mrs. Prout" follows incorporating more psych-leaning guitar and drawn-out keyboards à la Ray Manzarek. "Just Look Around You" is propulsive folk-rock with a soaring, proto power-pop chorus, backed by frenetic organ and heavy bass. Back comes the heavy, strung-out psych to both close out side one with "Afternoon Out" and kick off side two with "More Than I Am". "Country Boy" quenches the thirst for rhythm and melody, only the lyrics and vibe are wonderfully creepy. The groove suddenly cuts and drops into a more sinister tempo before the band pick up speed and toss you back again into the opening jam, this time with organ. The final, fully fleshed out track is the majestic "In Our Time", which oscillates between endless organ-driven boogie and heavenly, genuinely moving vocals. Infamous instrumental cut "A Word from Big D" rounds out the album. Yes, that's the band jamming with duck quack sound effects accompanying the music. Mastered by Simon Francis; cut by Pete Norman. Remastered from the original analog tapes.

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