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Fox Face - Spoil + Destroy LP

Fox Face - Spoil + Destroy LP

Dirtnap Records

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Vinyl LP pressing. Witchy, twitchy and full of attitude, Fox Face is a fog-swirling, moonlit night where nothing is as it seems. Realized and reckless, this eerie musical force would be as much at ease holding a seance on a stormy, nighttime beach as throwing a rager in a dark, beer-soaked basement bar. On the tongue-in-cheek Spoil + Destroy, the band's first record for Dirtnap, the band alternates between Sabbath-y searing guitars, surf-rock and creeped-out, organ-laced sonic seances. Recorded by Kyle "Motor" Urban at MotorCo Studio in Madison, WI, using an all-analog 16-track recorder, the attitude hangs hard on the vocals of everyone throughout, echoing the spirit of Kathleen Hanna and Neighborhood Brats' Jenny Angelillo. Lindsay DeGroot (lead guitarist and vocalist) leads this storm of sound, with bandmates Lydia Washechek (guitar, vocals), Mary Joy (bass, vocals) and Christopher Capelle (drums). DeGroot's explicitly feminist lyrics are undeniably bolstered by no-bullshit politics and inspired by The Book Of The Dead and The Craft. Spaghetti Western styles intermingle with punk & roll and goth, making for a bubbling pot of riled-up, creeptastic tales, where the environs are trepidatious, dark and frustrating.

Tags: dirtnap, punk

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