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Ex-Vöid - Bigger Than Before LP

Ex-Vöid - Bigger Than Before LP

Don Giovanni Records

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Ex-Void is a new musical group featuring former Joanna Gruesome members Owen Williams and Alanna McArdle. After having written two short albums of 'critically acclaimed' hyper-aggressive pop music, touring the capitalist west, and winning a kind of 'National Music Prize' with Joanna Gruesome, McArdle & Williams went their separate ways. Following the split, McArdle (a Gemini) began a lucrative career selling occult & astrological speculations to various lifestyle magazines, while Williams (an Aquarius) earned a small monthly allowance playing electric guitar in the notoriously pathetic, prostration-centered Punk-Rock group The Snivellers. While sonically a continuation of the “Gruesome Sound” in some ways (particularly in the inclusion of brief and aggressive 'hardcore' punk sections), Ex-Void exploit the use of vocal harmonies and twin-lead guitars to push the 'pop' qualities of McArdle and Williams' writing into extreme and dangerous territory. The group also take an interest in spoken word, regularly experiment in different areas of vocal aggression, incorporate their daily occult/astrological practice into the band's curricular and extracurricular activities.

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