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ElpH Vs. Coil - Worship the Glitch 2LP

ElpH Vs. Coil - Worship the Glitch 2LP

DAIS Records

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Unexplainable" may well be the best explanation for the members of the UK based electronic outfit Coil. Making a radical shift from intentional accessibility, by means of traditional pop songwriting, to abstract happenstance, Coil had entered into a new phase of their career. Utilising what was then the newest computer technology, digital and analog synthesis and the newly formed idea that something outside of themselves was steering the ship.

During the studio sessions that developed into what would become "Worship the Glitch", Coil became aware of random compositions emitting from their equipment and were seemingly at odds with the constant "accidents" that were perpetually plaguing the recordings. The band blamed these unintentional emissions on "ELpH": a conceptual being that is one part physical equipment failure and one part celestial fiend constantly playing the role of trickster by throwing a wrench into Coil's methodology. Eventually, these accidents and mistakes were embraced by the band and the process of misusing audio software to create intentional "errors" was adopted as a musical technique. The acceptance of the "mistake", and the use of discovered faults as intentional elements slowly became the drive and concept behind the album, thus birthing the title "Worship the Glitch.

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