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Elegua - Elegua LP

Elegua - Elegua LP

We Are Busy Bodies (Canada)

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Latin music, with all its spirit, all its intensity, and all its magic, expresses itself in the decade of the seventies as a cultural revelation. Europe recognizes, listens, and dances to our music, the United States jumps to the sound of it. Latin America is letting its roots be felt.

ELEGUA is a part of this happening. It originated in Boston as a result of the collective efforts of musicians concerned about the direction to be taken by the Latin American musical forms.

ELEGUA essentially deals with Latin music in its traditional form, interweaving contemporary elements in developing an original and uniform style of its own. ELEGUA intends to expose this new style to other audiences in the music world, unearth Latin music from the "barrio" into the world so that everyone may enjoy and receive our message of change and renovation.

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