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Delroy Wilson - Money LP

Delroy Wilson - Money LP

Clocktower Records (Canada)

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Originally released in 1979. Edited by Brad Osbourne at Bullwackie Studio. A collection of tunes recorded between 1976-78 and somewhat of a US issue of Delroy Wilson's True Believer In Love LP released on Carib Gems in the UK in 1978 and on Micron in Canada the following year. Brad's collection features just one number from the former and the complete B side from the ladder. On the back sleeve: "Delroy Wilson has a lot of very special things going for him, things that made him the 'big soulful vocal star' that he is and the most consistent vocalists today in Jamaica. Perhaps the foremost of these qualities is an elusive commodity called soul, which is feelings, emotions, expression. Well to me, Delroy doesn't just sing -- he feels the song from within. Some might say he is one of the finest of one of the best reggae singers, but I think a little different, because I know Delroy can sing anything and sing it well. Soul, funk, reggae, shot music anything he's got the power, the know-how, the soul to mash it up..." Personnel: Robert Shakespeare - bass; Carlton "Santa" Davis, Sly Dunbar - drums; Chinna, Tony Chin - guitar (lead); Bobby Ellis, Dirty Harry, Tommy McCook - horns; Burnard "Touter" Harvey, Ossie Hibbert - organ; Ansel Collins - piano. Producer: Bunny Lee.

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