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Deer Tick - War Elephant LP

Deer Tick - War Elephant LP

Partisan Records

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John McCauley, III wrote, arranged, played, and recorded the album at the tender age of 21. The album is full of songs wiser and more nuanced than John should have been able to produce according to natural law. The words are deliberate and heartfelt, and follow the lead of singer/songwriter heroes of John’s like Townes van Zandt, Neil Young and Richie Valens. And the album concludes with a cover of the 1962 GRAMMYⓇ winning Song of the Year "What Kind of Fool Am I" made famous by Sammy Davis, Jr.

It can safely be said that this debut album is a genre defying classic; it’s a hook filled barroom rock album that is as connected to 90’s Seattle catchy gloom as it is to left-of-the-dial late 80’s Minneapolis and 70’s Austin honky tonk.

This version of the album finds us returning to the original ’07 illustrated cover. This cover will become the new standard version of the album across all formats. The music and track listing remains the same.

This limited edition of 2000 LPs is being pressed on Heavy Metal Grey vinyl (gun metal grey).

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