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Daughter of Swords - Dawnbreaker LP

Daughter of Swords - Dawnbreaker LP


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Vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release. Calling the ten tunes of Dawnbreaker breakup songs is to hamstring them with elegiac expectations, to paint them as sad-eyed surrenders to loss and grief. Even amid the throes of a life convulsion, there is a wisp of hope and possibility. The songs range in style from a hushed number that explores the turmoil of being unable to reciprocate the feelings of a wild and shy, tall and fine man to another that is a blossoming country shuffle. The very heart of Dawnbreaker is not the impending breakup that inspired many of it's songs but the sense of liberation and breaking out that the breakup inspired. Buoyed by the insistent patter of a drum machine and rich acoustic guitars, Sauser-Monnig finds herself in search of new thrills on another song, whether pondering the fleeting nature of existence at a waterfall's edge or watching the shapes of mountains seemingly dance beneath her headlights. While we can hear the muted, harmonica-lined boogie of another that begins with a vulnerable confession, a revelation of loneliness; it is, however, a low-key anthem for the open road, about giving oneself over to the infinity of solitude and an endless strip of asphalt. Sauser-Monnig captures these scenes with a painter's eye and delivers them with a novelist's heart.

Tags: folk, indie, nonesuch

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