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Daphni - Cherry 2LP

Daphni - Cherry 2LP

Jiaolong (UK)

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Double vinyl LP pressing. Whether in the studio or the club, Daphni has always been a pursuit where Dan Snaith let's the music find it's own path. With Cherry this is more evident than ever, this sense of the tracks as objects with life and desires outside of Snaith's control has now become a driving force in their creation. Recorded over a prolonged period, Snaith let the music go where it wanted to go. It wasn't until he put everything he'd been tinkering with together that he realized what he had. The component parts have this same sense of independence, the essence of Daphni always present over music that is more free-wheeling than it's ever been, almost escaping Snaith's grasp as it tumbles and spirals. New gear and ways of working meant Snaith was able to sit at the center of the music but let things get away from him a bit more as equipment began to make it's own decisions before reeling it back in to suit his purposes, or as he puts it "getting the snake to eat it's own tail".

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