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Daniel Bachman - Daniel Bachman LP

Daniel Bachman - Daniel Bachman LP

Three Lobed Recordings

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"Guitarist and former wunderkind Daniel Bachman, at 26, can no longer be considered “precocious.” On even his earliest recordings Bachman’s guitar prowess and compositional voice were staggeringly mature. His growth has been continual and, frankly, amazing – the ultimate product of this growth, 2015’s River, showed a phenomenal level of maturity and, in turn, continued to convert faithful. His new (2016) self-titled album continues that staggering growth – in composition, sound, and technique – and offers a sort of trapped in amber glimpse of where he presently stands. It is a full and complete collection of truly engrossing songs that sees Bachman’s sonic arsenal expand to include elements of drone (generated by all acoustic instruments) and field recordings alongside his ever-present prowess and strength on the acoustic guitar. Daniel Bachman truly is one of modern guitar’s most dynamic performers. If you’re not with him now, his 2016 self-titled album seems to declare, you never were."

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