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Daniel Bachman - Almanac Behind LP

Daniel Bachman - Almanac Behind LP

Three Lobed Recordings

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"Almanac Behind's" title is both an anagram of Daniel Bachman’s name and a reference to the fact that rapid climate changes on earth have rendered traditional weather forecasting methods woefully unable to accurately predict our future. Over fifteen tracks, "Almanac Behind" guides the listener through natural disaster and its aftermath, via a serious of field recordings by Bachman and his collaborators. The guitar, banjo, fiddle, and other instruments are presented in neutral modal tunings, avoiding conventional harmonic representations of mood and sentiment, and are often digitally altered in both subtle and obvious ways. At its core, "Almanac Behind" is powered by the sounds of the Earth, tones inherently familiar to the billions of people who have experienced extreme weather. It is an attempt to emotionally contend with and foster connection over a shared global experience. Captivating and original, Bachman continues to push boundaries for folk and guitar music much as he did on the critically acclaimed "Axacan" [2020, Wire #5 album of that year].

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