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Compton White - Compton White 12" (White Vinyl Edition)

Compton White - Compton White 12" (White Vinyl Edition)

Tri Angle Records

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Conceived in a constant state of limbo, the self titled, 'Compton White' EP tells the story of a childhood lived between many homes. It's creator, 21 year old UK based producer and multi instrumentalist, Lloyd Whittle, is part of a generation of Romany showmen - 'Sand Scratchers' - who settled on the coasts of Great Britain 100 years or so ago. Growing up, the seasonal nature of his family's business put him in a state of constant migration between the Isle of Wight, 'the island' and London 'the mainland'. The EP was written in an attempt to capture this duality. It therefore makes sense that the EP traverses a number of styles and genres; boom bap beats dripping in nostalgia, and jagged grime textures hit hard alongside hazy, warm ambiance and distinctly British, pastoral, almost prog like elements, with the occasional pirate radio static cutting through proceedings. What holds these disparate elements together is the confidence with which Compton throws everything together, which is made all the more impressive when we keep in mind this is his debut release. Aside from the record being a sonically inventive head-rush of a listen, it exudes emotion and feels like an incredibly personal statement. As some have begun to note, 'Compton White' signals the emergence of an artist who is surely one to watch.

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