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Codes in the Clouds - Paper Canyon LP

Codes in the Clouds - Paper Canyon LP

Erased Tapes (UK)

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In 2009 instrumental rock music experienced a new peak. Codes In The Clouds, the English quintet of Ciaran Morahan, Stephen Peeling, Jack Major, Joe Power and Robert Smith had found a firm place in this vast growing scene. With their harmonious and blissful sound they weaved guitar melodies, liable to explode any minute. If you still cant imagine intense music without vocals then you will be surprised how easily they will let you forget this prejudice. Energetic and charming at once, surprising and unpredictable at all times. Completed under the experienced eye of Justin Lockey (The Editors, Yourcodenameis: Milo, The British Expeditionary Force), CITCs debut album Paper Canyon was originally released in June 2009. Ten years later, June 8th2019 will see a first vinyl edition of this instrumental rock classic to celebrate its 10thanniversary, with the master cut by legendary engineer Barry Grint (Radiohead, Oasis, Kate Bush) at Alchemy, London.

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