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Cobra Man - Toxic Planet LP

Cobra Man - Toxic Planet LP

Goner Records

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Released alongside the full length video from the Worble skate collective, TOXIC PLANET is Cobra Man’s follow up to their 2017 debut album “New Driveway Soundtrack” and is their second for Memphis, TN based Goner Records. The band initially formed to create music for a series of skate videos for Thrasher Magazine, which is how Goner founder Eric Friedl (The Oblivians) discovered the band. 

Cobra Man’s TOXIC PLANET is an album for a new way of life. The Los Angeles power disco duo blends the essence of classic disco funk, the raw power of warehouse punk, and the supernatural qualities of their favorite slasher films to create something unique. This record marks a step forward in production, arrangement and instrumentation from the more stripped down “New Driveway” -- making their sound more dynamic while still managing to retain the raw vitality of their debut. 

TOXIC PLANET brings sounds both mysterious and obscure into the late night purple light on a smoke filled dance floor. It’s a place you do not know - you’ve only heard of. If there’s one thing we know, the future is: 


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