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Chris Gantry - Nashlantis LP

Chris Gantry - Nashlantis LP

Drag City Records

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Like the outlaw he defines himself as, Chris Gantry doesnt really fit into any of the classic country singer identities and 50-plus years since he wrote his first and biggest hit, hes still writing and singing, having lived to tell the tale of his serpentine but ultimately joyful path, a Life Well Lived. Now in his mid-70s, Gantry is still a consummate performer and an inveterate writer; in performance he is a lusty, genial man, grateful to have drunk of his experiences, transcendent and ebullient in the moment of singing it. Recorded in Nashville with the legendary engineer Rob Galbraith, Nashlantis features 11 mesmerizing Gantry performances (a séance with the Human Spirit as the producer puts it) forming a reflection on his long and winding path through this world but the vitality of the songwriting allows the music to rise above simple elegy or denouement, providing a testament to the career and talent of Chris Gantry the individualism that set him apart from his earliest days and his enduringly openhearted embrace of today.

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