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Chris Corsano / Ryley Walker / Andrew Scott Young - Belladonna Garnish LP

Chris Corsano / Ryley Walker / Andrew Scott Young - Belladonna Garnish LP

Husky Pants Records

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So, Andrew Young and me have been playing together in noise bands or song bands since about 2008. we go way back. i first met him in chicago when i was 19 or so. he is the world's best bass player. like if peter kowald was also james jamerson and also victor wooten having an acid flashback. i assume victor wooten might know who peter kowald is. i dont know. i dont have a connection to peter kowald's estate or victor wooten. that is a great goal though. ill keep it in my dome along with other half baked ideas of inventions or music. i know we have a limited time here, but victor wooten is actually super sick and misunderstood. so is tribal tech. listen to some tribal tech. Andrew's dedication to bass and his love of music and serving the music around him has inspired me endlessly. Listens with same proficiency as his gift for playing.

I met Mr. Corsano about i don't know, 10 years ago? 12 years ago? i'm a very big fan and would check whatever gig he played in chi town. I was always front row in the pit. and by pit i mean plastic folding chair in an arts centre (spelled "centre" euro style, i am very invested in the avant-garde) i always enjoy his bag of percussion tricks and nuanced sounds. so unreal talented and gifted. he wrote the goddamn book and amended the already there book. it's amazing to see his influence on free jazz and noise drumming around the world. dude is the best. and really kind. and really hates christian third wave ska music. I can tell you that with absolute certainty. but i believe he is open to most other music and loves it.

Chris and I always kept in touch. basically like "hey let's make some music sometime or go on tour!!!" he's a busy dude. But oh boy I did not forget!!!!

earlier this year (2022 AD)

i hit up chris to play my singy song song songs on a tour (you may recognize me from such posters as schaumburg rib fest and many other B market food festivals headlined by 2 original members of kci and the sunshine band or some shit). This dude obviously knocked it out of the f'n park. Chris has made a beautiful body of work in improvised music, but his dedication to composition and song are unrivaled. He killllllls it. such an honor. My earliest memories of hearing Chris play are on six organs records. his tunes CV is stacked. Naturally, it worked out perfectly. The gigs were fantastic. the tour was fantastic. We had a beautiful momentum going.

We had an off day in North Carolina. Off days on tour are the biggest one way ticket to insanity and fear. so i called a local yokel in Greensboro NC named Kris. 24 hours later we were cuttin' loose on improvised tunes, and having a lot of fun. all done in an afternoon. all sorts of melted and alien zones. Then I think we got some food. Here are the greatest sounds from that off day on tour. fuck off days. fuck school.

I think music is sick and so fun

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