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Choked Up - Mala Lengua LP

Choked Up - Mala Lengua LP

Don Giovanni Records

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Cristy C. Road has built a reputation in punk circles for her heavily political visual art, showcasing her skills through zines, books, tarot cards, and album art for bands such as the Muslims. Focusing on her identity as a queer latinx woman, these projects represent an important part of her creative expression, but to her, they are just one part of a larger whole.

While her visual work thrived, Road was sharing another part of herself with the world through music, most recently with her band Choked Up. While her illustration allows her the opportunity to express frustration with an unjust status quo, her music captures the parts of life that happen in between politics. Feeling pigeon holed into the themes of her visual art, Road explains “its an annoying task to be expected to be a certain way because you’re a woman or you’re latina or you’re queer”. Choked Up pushes against that expectation by making simple, catchy pop-punk rooted in everyday feelings.

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