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Cheer-Accident - Fades LP

Cheer-Accident - Fades LP

Skin Graft Records

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Though the album opens and closes in “Kraut Pop” territory, that term does little to prepare the listener for the breadth of musical riches contained within. On “Fades” Thymme Jones, Jeff Libersher and Cheer-Accident’s core line-up are emboldened by a parade of musical guests - a 21st Century Wrecking Crew of the underground - whose contributions are absolutely dizzying. 

Beautifully tortured guitars and distorted bass bump up against triumphant brass and melancholy strings on “The Mind-Body Experience”... in a performance equal parts creepy and empathic, the singular Dawn McCarthy (Faun Fables, Bonnie “Prince” Billy) sings about “Monsters”… while Bethany Schmitt (aka You Tube’s Hip Hop sensation "The Buttress") performs a frightening / surreal rap breakdown beside Nils Frykdahl (Free Salamander Exhibit) on “House Of Dowse”. 

Additional vocalists include Sacha Mullin of Lovely Little Girls fame and Carla Kihlstedt of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Counted among the ranks of “Fades” best-in-class musicians are Katherine Young (“Bassoon colossus!” - The Wire), Julie Pomerleau (Bobby Conn) and engineer Todd Rittmann (Dead Rider, U.S. Maple) whose immaculate, nuanced production serves as the great unifier of Cheer-Accident’s most expansive, ambitious album to date.

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