Chain & The Gang - Experimental Music LP

Chain & The Gang - Experimental Music LP

Radical Elite
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Everyone’s experimenting nowadays… 

Experimenting with your reality, your bank account, your future… 

The silicon valley overlords, the politicians, and the old time tycoons all play fast and loose in the lab…with your life. 

They think you’re just some DNA or data; some plasma to poke and pound at their whim. It’s time to strike back. Fire with fire. Chain & the Gang - the “Down with liberty” Group - are experimenting, too, with lights, sounds, words, and action. We are the “control group” in the experiment; the “total control group.” At war with their science. Noises, thoughts, ideas, and action, spliced, mushed, mashed, crushed, and heated up… Experimental Music.

Tags: + garage + radical elite + rock

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