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Carlos Giffoni - Dream Walker LP

Carlos Giffoni - Dream Walker LP

Ideologic Organ Music (France)

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Carlos Giffoni is the creator of the No Fun label and festival in NYC, which originally released Oneotrix Point Never, Emeralds, Wolf Eyes and was a significant foundational supporter of the new wave modular and synth renaissance emerging from the US noise and experimental underground in the early 2000s. Carlos here offers his first new album in several years, a beautiful tract and journey and synthesis touching on elements of the previously mentioned musical community, and harking to the essence of electronic music revolutionaries of the Editions Mego, and Mego communities of the 90s-teens. Vast saturated and melodic emotive themes and spaces of electronics bear sharp and rusty teeth at times, and succumb to a dream at others; Carlos's poetic discourse and intention bring this beautiful work into an artistic sphere, a place where inflexion is not directed or projected, but the implication encourages our spirits to fly and question the mysteries. With pleasure... always with a lot of pleasure.

-Stephen O'Malley, January 2023 :::::: Dream Walker is an album intended for late nights. For those moments when you are ready to let go of your physical self and transcend momentarily into another world. Dream Walker is also an album about someone who can walk between dreams. One who can surpass the boundaries of reality and slip into unseen worlds. A visitor who is writing a sonic story with every step he takes. Dream Walker is also a love letter to all the music I love. I set out to make something that sounded good to my ears with no preconceptions or limitations, so it wears it's influences on it's sleeve.

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