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Carla dal Forno - Look Up Sharp LP

Carla dal Forno - Look Up Sharp LP

Kallista Records

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Breaking away from the dubby abstractions of her group F ingers, Australian singer/songwriter Carla dal Forno made her solo debut in 2016 with You Know What It's Like, a magnificent album of ambient pop tunes that prompted comparisons to obscure names like Kendra Smith and In Gowan Ring. Following two EPs, including a 2018 tour cassette that included covers of songs by the B-52s and Lana Del Reydal Forno's second album contains some of her most direct compositions, with clearer vocals and more upfront melodies. While still sparse and haunting, this album doesn't feel as detached, and dal Forno's sentiments aren't as ambiguous as they were before. First single "So Much Better" is alarmingly bitter, as dal Forno calmly eviscerates an ex-partner: "You were a disaster, I'm glad I caused you pain." During the spooky solo expedition of "Don't Follow Me," the line "I don't want to die" resonates most strongly. The shivering, slowed-down post-punk of "Took a Long Time" is a bit murkier, but seems to imply uncertainty in a relationship. Delicate instrumentals such as the curious "Hype Sleep" and the mournful "Heart of Hearts" are threaded throughout the album, but they resemble daydream-like distractions compared to the more focused songs. Look Up Sharp is more forthright than dal Forno's previous work, but it still retains a deep, intriguing sense of mystery. -All Music Guide

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