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Carla Bozulich - Quieter LP

Carla Bozulich - Quieter LP


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Carla Bozulich enters her fourth decade of uncompromising, unceasing devotion to art-punk ethics and creativity with Quieter, an intensely emotive, diversely experimental and enchantingly cohesive collection of previously orphaned and one-off tracks: a couple left over from the bountifully productive sessions from her brilliant and widely-acclaimed 2014 album Boy; others featuring collaborations with the likes of Marc Ribot, Sarah Lipstate (Noveller), Freddy Ruppert, Shahzad Ismaily and more. Quieter is the result of this ceaselessly nomadic and defiantly DIY art-punk legend having settled back in Los Angeles for a spell, recovering from tour-inflicted ear (and back) damage, sifting through unreleased/unfinished material, and being drawn to working on the quieter stuff (relatively speaking) in her abundant archives. Ranging from the searching, searing opener "Let It Roll" - "he most honest work I've ever done" says Carla - to the chiming, deconstructed lullabies of "Glas s House" (composed by Ruppert) and "Sha Sha" (from her mid-2000s project The Night Porter) and the album's sultry closing track "End Of The World"(a duet with Marc Ribot, who penned the song), Quieter is a brilliant addition to Bouzlich's impressively diverse, adventurous, and unwaveringly authentic body of work. 

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