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Captain, We're Sinking - The Future Is Cancelled: 10 Year Anniversary Edition LP

Captain, We're Sinking - The Future Is Cancelled: 10 Year Anniversary Edition LP

Run for Cover Records

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**Ltd Red / Blue / Yellow Vinyl

Captain, We're Sinking and Run For Cover have come together to re release the band's debut album as a 10 Year Anniversary Edition, limited to 500 Copies.

Available on vinyl for the first time in years, this Anniversary Edition LP features two bonus tracks - "Let's Play Kill All the Humans," a b-side from the band's 2012 "Montreal" single, and a cover of Abner Jay's "I'm So Depressed." The Future Is Cancelled is the highly anticipated debut full-length from Scranton, PA's Captain, We're Sinking. This stunning display of gritty punk and gut wrenching storytelling sees CWS stepping into place their alongside contemporaries The Menzingers and Tigers Jaw while challenging boundaries set forth by genre greats like Against Me! And Alkaline Trio. Every aspect of The Future Is Cancelled is rife with a frazzled desperation, each element trying to make sense of a modern existence. Pensive, but emotional and always meandering, the vocals spin half-yelled melodies around half-broken characters. Â Buzzing and jangly guitars, pounding bass and dynamic drums guide the journey perfectly - at times controlled and at others completely reckless. On The Future Is Cancelled, Captain, We're Sinking offer no answers and make no promises. Instead the band offers a crystal clear view into a confusing and foggy time where one grapples with the horrors and uncertainties of impending adulthood.

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