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The Candy Snatchers - Moronic Pleasures LP

The Candy Snatchers - Moronic Pleasures LP

Hound Gawd! (Germany)

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Hound Gawd! Records releases the "new" The Candy Snatchers album Moronic Pleasures. Taking their name from an obscure, bizarre, and trashy '70s horror flick late one night after drinking heavily, The Candy Snatchers formed in 1992 in Virginia Beach. They are a mix of '60s garage, the Detroit sound and late '70s punk with the energy and intensity of any hardcore band. Besides the insanity that ensued as soon as they hit the stage -- breaking bottles, cutting themselves with the glass, blood everywhere, setting the bass on fire while being played, drums were routinely collided with and obliterated -- the band played amazingly well, with great songs in the vein of Dead Boys, early Misfits, Radio Birdman and The Saints. The band's end was because of the passing of guitarist and co-creator, Matthew Odietus in 2008. His death marked the end of an era for the band, leaving the rock 'n' roll community reeling. In 1997, with explosive new drummer, Sergio Ponce, they had written an impressive amount of new songs and were ready to start tracking them to tape for their second album. 19 songs were laid down at Compactor Studio; 17 planned for titled Moronic Pleasures and two slated for a 7". The 17 album tracks were given only a rough mix and dubbed onto cassette for the band to review; the two 7" tracks were given a proper, final mix and sent to the record label. After they did the basic tracks, Matt went back and added second rhythm guitar and solos. Vocals, same thing; Larry belted out one song after another -- they simply played the songs from a setlist. Then they mixed and off they went. For some inexplicable reason that has gone to the grave, Matt rejected this session. The second attempt to record was a quick stop at Andy Slob's basement studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, while they were on tour. The band was supposedly unhappy with the overall sound and rejected these sessions as their new album. With both attempted sessions rejected, the band eventually headed back to NYC to re-record most of the songs for the third time. This session became their second album, Human Zoo (1998). Moronic Pleasures as recorded at Compactor Studio is the Candy Snatchers at their zenith; the performances are stronger and the feel of the songs is sleazier. Includes download.

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