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Cameron Knowler - Places of Consequence LP

Cameron Knowler - Places of Consequence LP

American Dreams Records

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Responding to a comment that the foreground of his Western photographs feels like a stage set, the photographer and auteur Wim Wenders suggests, “that impression is basic to the American West. Everything people have built there has a highly theatrical air.” This animates Places of Consequence, the second album and first solo LP from Cameron Knowler, which deploys guitar and banjo as cinematic tools to soundtrack and investigate the region. “Despite the fact that the lightheartedness of youth lifts and the problematic components of the West reveal themselves over time,” Knowler says, “there are still ways of harnessing the space to richly creative ends.” Single “Puerto Suelo,” which features acoustic and electric guitars playing in unison and a small orchestra of kitchen utensils, shows Knowler's knack for gorgeous melodies, and nods to LA session wizards like Blake Mills or Sam Gendel. Places of Consequence is testament to making the effort, and a document of Knowler’s clear talent.

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