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Boeckner - Boeckner! LP

Boeckner - Boeckner! LP

Sub Pop

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Daniel Boeckner understands the grit and gravel that accumulates in the heart and that it takes an unwavering courage to crack through that clutter and burrow to the other side. And in Boeckner's hands, that quest comes via post-apocalyptic synth and guitar heroism, a rallying cry for those always coming home through the scorched clouds. Throughout his work with Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, Divine Fits, Operators, Atlas Strategic, and more, the iconic Canadian indie rocker recognizes that few feelings are more gratifying than hope. But it takes getting the hell out of your own way. Boeckner's solo debut, Boeckner!, is the culmination of his deep library of musical reference. Produced by Randall Dunn (SunnO))), The Cave Singers, Earth) with help from drummer Matt Chamberlain (Pearl Jam, Fiona Apple), Boeckner! Is filled with lively, catchy rock that calls to mind The Cars, David Bowie.

Tags: indie, rock, sub pop

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