Blanko Basnet - Ocean Meets the Animal LP

Blanko Basnet - Ocean Meets the Animal LP

Blanko Basnet
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May I assist you to another cucumber sandwich? Following on their 2013 self-titled debut, Blanko Basnet returns to offer a rare quinquennial album release. Ocean Meets the Animal is a full and diverse LP created through lively collaboration among band members Joe Hall, Matt McElroy, Matt Skinner Peterson, and Jeff Stickley. The works are further animated by tangential and direct contributions from a greater Durham musical family including Amelia Meath, Nick Sanborn, Chris Boerner, Jon Lesueur, Duncan Webster, PJ Jayanty, Zach Hegg, and Yan Westerlund, a significant departure from the largely solo effort of the self-titled debut. Please dig in - there’s a message waiting for you.

Tags: + blanko basnet + indie + local + pop + rock

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