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Bill Fox - Before I Went to Harvard LP

Bill Fox - Before I Went to Harvard LP

Eleventh Hour Recording Company

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Bill Fox of The Mice! Home-recorded demos which are essentially really great lofi power pop / folk.

From the label...

With a storied career that speaks well enough for itself, Bill Fox has made a name with his simple and honest approach to songwriting and recording. With two late 1990's albums (Shelter From the Smoke and Transit Byzantium) that won him critical acclaim, Fox has continued to release music (2012's One Thought Revealed and 2016's split single featuring How It Feels) that is both familiar and new.

Never treading too far into the past while never looking too far into the future, Bill captures the smaller things in life that are all too easily missed into his tunes. Capturing those moments into a phrase is hard enough without venturing too far into the 'singer songwriter' box but Bill toes the line in a seemingly effortless manner that brings both meaning and a heartfelt soul into his songs. 

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