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Bethlehem Steel - Bethlehem Steel LP

Bethlehem Steel - Bethlehem Steel LP

Exploding In Sound Records

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The Brooklyn group Bethlehem Steel, create music that breaks free from the anxiety, unhealthy relationships, and toxic masculinity around them to simply be itself; powerful, deeply personal, and untamed. There’s no holding back Rebecca Ryskalczyk’s songs, which are bold and triumphantly pushed to their breaking point. Their self-titled, second full-length, coming out this fall on Exploding In Sound Records, builds on the subtleties at the band’s core in ways the band had never explored without losing the wide range of raw and cathartic emotion they’re known for. Originally made up of Rebecca Ryskalczyk (vocals/guitars), Jon Gernhart (drums) and Patrick Ronayne (bass), the band was joined by Christina Puerto in 2018 on guitar and vocals. Puerto and Ryskalczyk’s songwriting plays off each other in brilliantly balanced ways that are outspoken and vulnerable, while counterpointed by a muscular fury. Bethlehem Steel is prepared to take on the world once again with 10 diverse and honest tracks about processing one’s experiences and trying to take care of yourself.

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