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Ben Katzman's Degreaser - Quarter Life Crisis LP

Ben Katzman's Degreaser - Quarter Life Crisis LP

BUFU Records

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Created with the assistance of various personnel, “Quarter Life Crisis” is DeGreaser’s forthcoming album release and tells the no-nonsense (or is it all-nonsense?) journey through your twenties, with the titles giving you exactly what it says on the tin: “Too Old for Retail”; “Cool Points Don’t Pay the Rent” and so on. The riffs are plentiful and uncompromising, rarely waiting for trivial things like choruses to make themselves known. Alongside the Ace Frehley and Glenn Tipton homages, there’s a snarling garage rock and punk element which is raucously hormonal rather than embarrassingly political, all lending itself an Andrew WK-ish endless party rally call. 

Produced by underground indie starlet Colleen Green (currently signed to Hardly Art), Quarter Life Crisis is all about throwing your hang-ups to the wind and setting fire to your insecurities. DeGreaser is proud to shred and proud to be unconventional. Like their riff ancestors Kiss and Van Halen, they know that there’s a seriousness and a sense of ridiculousness to rock music that often gets lost. DeGreaser bring back the instrumental skill and chest-beating fun to rock, and not a minute too soon. 

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