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Bad History Month - Old Blues LP

Bad History Month - Old Blues LP

Exploding In Sound Records

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What does “Old Blues” mean to you? For Bad History Month’s Sean Sprecher, “Old Blues” is many things. The title of the Boston based musician’s sophomore album (since the dissolution of duo Fat History Month) refers to “macro and micro scale Bad History, childhood trauma dragged into adulthood, the self-doubts and anxieties of aging, problems people have been fighting wars over since the ancients,” and most naturally, “the tradition of channeling hard times into good music.” The record is an extremely personal yet relatable album, an assertion of the hope that there are parts of ourselves and each other that we can push towards being better than our common weaknesses would have us believe. An influential fixture on the east coast DIY scene and beyond, Bad History Month has been creating profound and sincere music that deals with unhappiness and its absurdity in equal measure since 2007. Due out April 24th, Old Blues is a welcome return from one of our generations brightest songwriters.

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