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Bad History Month - God Is Luck 2LP

Bad History Month - God Is Luck 2LP

Exploding in Sound Records

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God Is Luck, the new record from Sean Sprecher’s Bad History Month project, seemingly begins mid-note, as if the music was already being played as you stumbled upon its opening track. It’s a pertinent start-point because, in many ways, God Is Luck exists firmly within that realm, many of the songs pulled directly from improvisation before being twisted into the mysterious shapes we find here on the finished record. Recorded between the summer of 2020 and the summer of 2022, God Is Luck is an exercise in artistic freedom. The songs came quickly and easily by design, the whole point of the record and the approach to simply let go.

The third Bad History Month LP – following the Pitchfork-championed Old Blues (2020) – where aspects of the new album mirror the shape of Sprecher’s previous work, its creation was an altogether different experience for the Philadelphia-via-Boston songwriter. He describes it as a collaboration with ‘luck’, the freeform nature of the recording resulting in a process that felt “fun and easy and fearless in a way that recording had never been.”

“God is Luck means you can control reality by choosing your perspective to always see the luck, which makes you the god of your own reality,” Sean Sprecher says of his latest record. With that notion at its core, Bad History Month’s latest adventure finds twisted new ways to tell age-old tales. Even in its most fearless compositions, buried within dense fog, it strives for goodness; freedom from fear, love for friends, surrounding yourself with those who inspire.

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