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Bad Cop / Bad Cop - Warriors LP

Bad Cop / Bad Cop - Warriors LP

Fat Wreck Chords

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BAD COP / BAD COP charged onto the punk scene two years ago with unrepentant fury through their aptly titled debut album Not Sorry. Since then Bad Cop has not stopped fighting. Through major ups and downs (the ‘downs’ reaching a head when co-vocalist STACEY DEE “ended up bottoming out” and having to leave the Fat Wrecked for 25 Years tour), Bad Cop / Bad Cop is stronger than ever now as they prepare to release their sophomore album. With Warriors, Bad Cop have seriously come out to play. Can you dig it? Through the band’s experiences over the last couple years have come some of their best and most personal song writing to date. Warriors comes out of the gate swinging with the in-your-face, blistering march “Retrograde,” and never looks back from there. They slow it down with the rock n’ roll tinged “Amputations” which highlights the struggles that the band has gone through over the last couple of years. “Womanarchist” dives headlong into the political climate, showing Bad Cop / Bad Cop aren’t going to take inequality and injustice lying down. Be assured, once Warriors is unleashed unto the world there won’t be a man left standing.

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